Sugarcane Furrower SSC 2L

Sugarcane Furrower

The Ikeda Sugarcane Furrower brings two big innovations in its furrower rods:
1 - Instead of the conventional wings that make grooves, it is equipped with a pair of opposed and inverted mouldboard, covered with UHMW polyethylene and regulated in its opening. The result is the opening of the groove without mirroring in the sides. This means the elimination
of all the restrictions in the sugarcane root development and movement of water in the soil.

2 - Instead of conventional nozzles, it is equipped with a patented sub preparer blade that, besides completing the soil sub preparation, exactly
under the crop line bringing the innovative concept of minimum cultivation to sugarcane activity, eliminating the need of expense soil sub preparation, allow simultaneously the application of pesticides for controlling the Migdolus.
The Project of this innovative furrower/sub preparer rod absorbs the expertise of IKEDA in the plow of mouldboard and soil sub preparers and, although incorporating the soil sub preparation as bonus in its operation does not increase the need of power in relation to conventional implements.

Equipped with hydraulic motor (1 per bin).


Rod Spacing
Bin Capacity
Power Min.
1.30 / 1.40 / 1.50 m
Shock Control
1030 kg
500 kg per bin
180 hp


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