Triller Fiber 1L

The Triller Fiber 1L is ideal for routing optical fiber cables to interconnect 2 spots.

The Fiber Triller is an implement that in one operation performs 3 jobs:
1 - Opens a furrow in the soil with adjustable depth of 80 to 110 cm;
2 - Installs fiber optic cables up to Ø13 mm in diameter at theb ottom of this furrow evenly and in a homogeneous way;
3 - The furrow is naturally closed by the returning of the removed soil.

In its major work depth, it needs tractors with 220 hp, obtaining work speed of up to 4 km/h.
Its vertical rod cuts through the soil and removes the furrow wall laterally.
This rod’s special design allows the hose routing in its inner part, releasing the furrow bottom. The UHMW Polyethylene shank side cover slides the
soil with little resistance and after its passage, the furrow side walls return, closing it immediately, retaining the cable at its deepest portion.

The hose routing in the rod inner part is ensured by guide pulleys of nylon technil, installed between the two lateral handles.
The reel support is designed to accommodate rolls up to 3000 meters in length.


Working Width
Power Min.
Triller Fiber 1L
80 to 110 cm
970 kg
220 hp
Triller Fiber Articulated 1L
80 to 110 cm
1120 kg
220 hp


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